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“ Claims Refused Will Cost Thousands of Dollars to Canadian Travellers ”

A “Pre-Existing Condition” is a health condition that "You Know about Before You Buy the Insurance” 

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Stability clause

Are you considered stable ?

  • This is one of the most important clause in Travel Medical Insurance Contracts. Different providers and plans have different requirements to qualify.  Make sure to ask your agent.
  • As long as your condition and the treatment of that condition hasn't changed before departure, your condition will be considered stable.  The number of days of last changed is critical; 7, 30, 60, 90 or 180 days are the most commons.
  • If new medications were required because of new symptoms, or if they reveal a new medical condition or a change in a pre-existing condition, coverage will probably be affected so read your policy before you travel.

IMPORTANT  - What you should know

good to know
about check-ups :

  • Check-ups and pre-planned diagnostic procedures, such as a stress test or colonoscopy, in most cases do not affect the coverage for most travel insurance plans.
  • If they were required because of new symptoms, or if they reveal a new medical condition or a change in a pre-existing condition, coverage will probably be affected so read your policy before you travel.

about undiagnosed medical condition:

  • If you have undiagnosed chest pains while in your home province, and you have a heart attack while traveling, most insurance companies will consider the chest pains to be an unstable pre-existing heart condition.
  • If you have any investigative testing pending or waiting for any tests results from recent procedures, make sure you get your diagnosis before you leave.

Reduction in dosage affects stability :

  • Coming off a medication or having your dosage reduced is considered a change in stability even if it seems counter-intuitive.  We need to know to make sure you get full coverage.
  • People are often surprised to learn that a reduction in dosage or being taken off a medication altogether is considered a change in stability.

Medical testing
affects stability

  • If you've had medical tests and are awaiting results, that is considered not stable. If you have tests scheduled, it's the same, you would not be considered stable.
  • If your doctor has told you that you will need testing, but no test have been scheduled yet, that may or may not be considered stable, depending on the insurance company.

Your doctor, not the insurance company :

  • If your doctor says something will or won't affect your travel insurance, take it with a grain of salt.  As you will probably be fine, but you may not qualify for full coverage.
  • They are not experts in insurance. Trust your doctor for medical advice, but leave the interpretations about the insurance side of things to us.  We are specialist!

Track your medical changes, exact dates:

  • Knowing the exact date that a change was made can make getting on the right plan easier. And even though it may cost more, getting the right insurance can save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Keep track of your doctor's visits and whether you have changes to medications and other treatments.


Don’t leave your home Province or Country with undiagnosed symptoms. If you have a medical emergency due
to this condition while travelling, the medical expenses incurred could not be covered.  

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Learn some medical terms:
Make sure you ask the right questions!

stable medical conditions

A stable pre-existing condition definition is slightly different from different company and their plans, it usually means: 

  • You have not had any new symptoms, and existing symptoms have not become more frequent or severe, no test results showing deterioration; and/or
  • Your physician has not determined that the condition has become worse; and/or
  • You have not been hospitalized or referred to a specialty clinic or specialist.
  • You are not advised to see you specialist or further test.
Are you covered under standard policy?

pre-exisiting conditions

Applicant could presently be in good health, but an applicant can be deemed to have a pre-existing condition based on past health problem or evidence of treatment for a particular condition. 

If at the time of application you are taking medication, for example of High blood pressure, Heart Condition, Lung Condition, Diabetes etc, or had a recent change in your medication, you might be considered 
to have a pre-existing condition.

Are you covered under standard policy?

stability period

In order to be covered for any pre-existing medical conditions they're must be no changes to current  medical conditions or no new medical conditions, symptoms, or medications during the stability period prior to your planned trip coming in Canada or travelling out-side of Canada or province of residence.

Stability Period will depend on your age and could be between 3, 6 up to 12 months.  (90 to 365 days)

Are you covered under standard policy?

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* Make sure your check your  Policy  to better understand all clauses and exclusions.

Are you covered under standard policy?

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If you have  “pre-existing conditions”  before you arrive or leave Canada; it is primordial that you speak with a
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without any Waiting Period or Exclusions.

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